Elegance and Indulgence: Sparrow Italia's New Year's Eve Soirées in Mayfair and Los Angeles

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New Year's Eve in Italy is a mix of vibrant traditions, where the night of Saint Sylvester ushers in waves of celebration. From the ritualistic wearing of red for luck to the hearty feasts of 'il cenone,' Italians embrace the evening with a blend of fun superstitions and culinary delight.

Across regions, tables are laden with lentils, symbolizing prosperity, accompanied by the pop of Prosecco as midnight toasts ring in the air. It's a time when fireworks light up the sky, echoing the joyous shouts of "Auguri!" and "Buon anno!"

Yet, this New Year's Eve, Sparrow Italia elevates the traditional celebration to new heights. While lentils at midnight once marked the passing year, Sparrow Italia promises an experience that transcends the old with a flair of modern elegance.

A Dual Celebration of Sophistication

As the 2023 calendar pages turn to the final days of the year, Sparrow Italia is poised to host New Year's Eve celebrations that resonate with the heartbeats of two of the world's most glamorous cities: Mayfair, London, and West Hollywood, Los Angeles.

In Mayfair, the holiday season unfurls in a tapestry of luxury and tradition. Bond Street glimmers like a jewel under festive lights, each window a storybook page of elegance and allure.

Meanwhile, West Hollywood, nestled under the Californian sun, sparkles with its own unique brand of festive glamour. The Sunset Strip, alive with the pulse of Los Angeles, weaves a vibrant tale of modern merriment, where the glamour of Hollywood meets the warmth of the holiday season.

Amidst these captivating backdrops, Sparrow Italia's New Year's Eve menus are ready for you with a harmonious blend of elegance and indulgence. Let’s look at all of them in more detail.

Spend New Year’s Eve in Mayfair with our Exclusive Event

Join us at Sparrow Italia Mayfair for an exclusive event this New Year's Eve, where the art of fine dining meets the zenith of luxury. Our Specialty Tasting Menu is a gastronomic delight, starting with the delicate brine of Local Rock Oysters, each paired meticulously with our signature cocktail sauce and apple mignotte, a prelude to the feast that awaits.

The Pane al Tartufo is a masterpiece, where the warmth of grilled focaccia lays the foundation for the richness of truffle ricotta, elevated by a drizzle of truffle honey and the opulent touch of shaved fresh truffle.

And for an additional £60 per person, treat yourself to the optional pairing of Hadid Caviar with our specialty dishes. Each serving of this exquisite caviar is a luxurious complement, transforming your meal into an unforgettable New Year's Eve indulgence.

Our specially curated NYE Champagne

We'll be complementing our exceptional food with an array of champagnes, where each bottle is as unique as the moments they’ll celebrate. New Year's Eve and champagne are the quintessential duo, each pop of the cork heralding a shared joy and expectation.

From the bold Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades to the delicate tones of Bollinger Cuvée Rosé, our selection is a journey through the finest vineyards from around the world. Imagine the vivacious effervescence of Dom Pérignon 2012 mingling with your revelry as you count down to midnight, or the subtle elegance of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs elevating each toast.

This New Year’s Eve, let our bubbles carry you into 2024 with sparkle and splendour.

An exceptional ambience

At Sparrow Italia Mayfair, our ambiance intertwines the elegance of Milan's fashion districts with the historic charm of Florence's streets. Stepping into our space, guests are wrapped up in an atmosphere that's both sophisticated and welcoming, echoing the chic spirit of European luxury.

Our decor, a harmonious blend of crushed velvet arches and soft, seductive lighting, creates a backdrop reminiscent of an Italian palazzo. The textures of marble and wood speak of classy craftsmanship, while our central chandelier and interior olive trees add a touch of romantic Italian gardens.

Cameron Diaz, Will I Am, and Jamie Foxx have all savoured the unique atmosphere we've crafted, an ambiance where each guest feels like a VIP. And this New Year's Eve, we invite you to be our special guest amidst this luxurious setting for a memorable start to 2024.

Seating Times, Pricing & Duration and Reservation Details

Seating Times:

  • Evening Commences: 6:00 PM
  • Final Seating: 10:45 PM
  • Closing: The restaurant will remain open until 1:00 AM, allowing guests to welcome the New Year.

Pricing for our "Taste of Sparrow" Tasting Menu:

  • Standard Option: £225 per person
  • With Hadid Caviar: £285 per person


Limited bookings are still available for this magnificent night at Mayfair. Your table awaits you here.

Los Angeles: A New Culinary Adventure:

Sparrow Italia in Los Angeles is thrilled to unveil a special New Year's Eve tasting menu, meticulously crafted to tantalize your taste buds and elevate your celebration. Priced at $135 per person, this exquisite menu is a testament to our commitment to culinary excellence and innovation.
Would you like to get a peek at our exciting menu? We have 2 main offerings, our Primo and our Secondo.

For the Primo, begin your gastronomic journey with a choice of starters, each offering a unique blend of flavors and textures. Opt for a fresh salad, a delicious choice of beluga lentils, or experience the perfect balance of baccala crostini’s salty and savory experience with capers, tomato, and crispy polenta, a delightful nod to traditional Mediterranean flavors. The Secondo is a showcase of Sparrow Italia's culinary finesse: we have a delicious eggplant braciole, pollo all’ arancia, steak tagliata or uni carbonana. All of these options will bring a world of delicacies to your table and allow you to tantalize your tastebuds. In the end, indulge in our dolce selections, with a variety of desserts such as crostata di marmellata, ricotta cheesecake, and creme brulee di panettone.

New Year's Eve: a time for bubbles - Truffle Option & Sparkling Wine

Elevate your dining experience with the option to add fresh black or white truffles. Each meal is accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine, adding a touch of celebration to your evening.

We're again complementing our exceptional Italian cuisine with a captivating champagne selection, each bottle an invitation to celebrate, raise a glass, and excitedly welcome in the new year. We have Champagne add-ons (option to pre-purchase bottles).

Champagne toasting on New Year's Eve has its roots in the 17th century, a symbol of luxury and merriment - and it’s something that will be very much central to our December 31st celebration.

Picture a vibrant New Year's Eve where you countdown to midnight with a glass of our Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill or the lively Moet et Chandon Rose Imperial in hand. Or maybe you’ll choose our crisp Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque or the effervescent Gosset Grand Rosé to embody this time-honored tradition?

Our vast and varied Champagne selection ensures that as you share laughter and forge new friendships, every sip is a taste of history mixed with the excitement of new West Hollywood beginnings.

Ambience that feels like an old friend

As the year's final dusk ebbs, we’ll be waiting for you, a lively oasis brimming with the spirit of Italian hospitality. Our patio, a prelude to the night's splendor, offers a warm embrace and retreat, perfect for toasting the year's last sunset in Los Angeles' 60-degree December air.

As you transition indoors, you'll be greeted by an atmosphere where tradition meets sophistication. The space - under the soft glow of our elegant lighting - will come alive with the clinking of glasses and the buzz of shared stories about the year that was and ambitions for the future. Our team will be the heart of your evening, delivering attentive service that will feel like the embrace of la dolce vita.

As the old year waves goodbye and the new one dances into view, Sparrow Italia transforms into a pulsating space, where 2023's final moments are celebrated with gusto and grandeur.

Reservation Essentials:

To ensure a seamless and enjoyable New Year's Eve celebration, we highly recommend making reservations in advance. This special evening is anticipated to be in high demand, and we want to ensure that every guest experiences the impeccable service and exquisite dining that Sparrow Italia is known for.

Seating Times:

  • Evening Commences: 5:00 PM
  • Final Seating: 10: PM

Pricing for our New Year’s Eve Tasting Menu:

  • $135 per person


Limited bookings are still available for this magnificent night at Mayfair. Your table awaits you here. Prepayment is required.

Why Sparrow Italia is the Destination for NYE

Sparrow Italia distinguishes itself as the quintessential destination for New Year's Eve, offering unparalleled experiences in both Mayfair and Los Angeles. In Mayfair, our New Year's Eve gala is a confluence of luxury and tradition, a place where every dish from the Specialty Tasting Menu to the Hadid Caviar pairing shouts indulgence and splendour.

In Los Angeles, Sparrow Italia has become the heartbeat of celebration, where the menu marries the bounty of the sea with the richness of the land. Our setting under the Californian stars and the vibrant ambiance of West Hollywood creates a backdrop where each moment of the countdown feels alive with possibility and promise.

Whichever city you choose, Sparrow Italia promises an unforgettable New Year's Eve, brimming with exquisite flavors, captivating surroundings, and an energy that perfectly captures the essence of Italian revelry.

An Invitation to Celebrate in Style

As the year draws to a close, we extend heartfelt wishes to you and yours for a joyous New Year. We invite you to sashay into 2024 with us hand in hand, celebrating in venues where luxury is a language and every moment is memorable.

Join us, glasses aloft, to shout "Saluti!" to 2024 this New Year's Eve.

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