How to Organize a Corporate Event in 10 Steps

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Corporate events are vital to developing customer and business relationships. When planning the event, you must have an objective and know your available resources. Your event might be your company's annual conference, the launch of your latest product, or a team-building event. Regardless of the occasion, there are plenty of details you must consider to make sure your event is a success. One of the most important items on your list should be your event's venue, and that is where Sparrow fits in. We are a high-end Italian restaurant located in Mayfair, London. Our event venue is the perfect choice for your corporate event and our experts are here to provide you with tips and tricks on how to plan and execute your corporate event to make sure it is an absolute sensation. Let's get on with this corporate event planning checklist!

Quick Guide on How to Organize a Corporate Event

1. Start Planning Your Corporate Event Early and Set a Budget

In order to plan the perfect corporate event, we suggest you start early, which could mean anything between 1 year and six months prior to the actual date, depending on the scope of your event.

Make a list of your priorities and check them as they are completed, to make sure you are not forgetting any important details. At the top of your list, some of the first items should be: selecting your venue early on and making a reservation. This will ensure your ideal location and give you enough time to plan the rest of the details. Once your venue has been secured, create your guest list, send out your invitations and pay close attention to your guests' confirmations and responses.

Setting a realistic budget is also a vital process when planning your corporate party. Figure out how much money you want to spend for the event, as it will impact the type of corporate party you will organize.

2. Set the Date and Plan According to the Theme

During party season, most venues in London get filled up quickly. It is best to set and confirm a date with your venue to place a reservation. Make sure that booking a venue is at the top of your event planning process.

If you're planning a themed corporate party, it is vital to pick a theme. The chosen theme will set the party's tone and should also apply to the invitations, food, and decorations.  Make a list of all you want to be associated with or incorporated at the upcoming event and inform the venue immediately.

3. Create a Complete Guest Count

Estimate the expected number of guests and target audience at the upcoming event. Create a guest list or corporate event checklist and Inform the venue of the number to ensure enough seats and food are available at the event. Also, remember that the number of guests can change. It is best to plan for more than the expected number of people. One of the biggest advantages of choosing Sparrow as your event venue is that we have an exquisite Italian menu that is entirely at your disposal. There is no need to think about catering or worry about the menu, simply allow our chef to exceed your expectations.

4. Create an Events Team

If you are planning a large and important event, it might be better to have an event planning team. Choose an event team that consists of individuals with various event planning skills in the company. The team will help with everything from allocating the event budget, to making and sending invites to sharing the necessary event details with everyone involved. A good events team with corporate event planning skills will enable you to get things done easily and quickly, not to mention you can delegate participation roles to the team.

5. Choose a Form of Entertainment

In our professional opinion, successful events usually have something under their sleeves. It can be a special announcement or, more often than not, amazing entertainment! As a corporate event planner, you'll want to find the ace up your sleeve. If you decide to go with the entertainment, we recommend you inform the venue of the type of event and entertainment required to suit your theme. This is another aspect in which Sparrow, London, stands out: we have live DJs and other types of entertainment eagerly awaiting your guests.

6. Find a Venue that Suits your Corporate Event

Finding the perfect venue is more than booking a space big enough to comfortably hold your guests. In order for your event to be memorable, we recommend you look at places and venues that can match your desired ambiance, become an extension of your company and align with the corporate image you want to transmit. For example, it is not the same to hold your annual fundraiser at a regular auditorium versus a well-established and luxurious venue that is also a high-end restaurant.

Take Sparrow, for example. The venue transports guests to coastal Europe with a diverse menu and charming design, giving an exquisite guest experience. Sparrow Italia brings the cuisine and culture of the Mediterranean and Italian regions to London while also creating a formal and elegant atmosphere at our private events venue.

7. Market Your Event

If you are not planning an internal event, that is, if this is more than an internal team-building venture, then we recommend you start marketing your event to make sure you get people excited to attend and spread the word about your company. This will help build up your registration list, which can be very useful for fundraisers, for example.

Marketing your event can mean anything from creating a teaser campaign on social media to sending out informational emails to your guest list in order to give them a sneak peek of what they can expect from your upcoming event. Depending on the magnitude of your event, you could also create an event website, which could be helpful if we are talking about your latest product launch, for example. Regardless of what you decide, this marketing campaign should start early, to give guests enough time to plan, follow any guidelines you might share with them, and get excited to be among the first to attend.

8. Network, Network, Network

Depending on the type of event you are planning, it may also be the perfect opportunity to network and improve your corporate guest list for future events. You might be planning the perfect excuse to meet future clients, seal deals and much more. We suggest you have a specific person who is in charge of greeting guests at the door and making sure everyone is welcomed, knows where to sit, and is accounted for.

9. Help Guests Have a Good Time

Once everyone is situated, help people get acquainted with one another, especially in bigger events where not everyone might be familiar with each other. This can promote participation among your guests and help them relax and have a great time, which is a sure path to success!

10. Follow Up With Your Guests After The Event

This might not be a necessary step after every company event, and could depend on your strategy and what you were trying to accomplish, but it can't hurt to have an open communication channel after your gathering.

Once your event is over, you can send out emails thanking your guests for attending and for making your event a memorable experience. These type of small details can go a long way in the corporate world and is a way to keep in touch with your guests as well as show them how valuable they are to you and your company.  If you made any new connections at your event, make sure to get their emails and include them in your message. You can also connect with them on social media to increase your company's network, its reputation and potentially attract new clients. This will be especially helpful in large-scale events.

You could include a quick survey in your email to find out what people thought of your event, what was the attendee experience like, if they enjoyed themselves, if there is any room for improvement (especially if this is an annual event), etc.  Take that information and polish your next event to make sure you are constantly evolving and growing as a company.

Organize Your Corporate Event at Sparrow Italia, Mayfair, London

We've reached the end of our list and you should be ready to plan your corporate event! If you are unsure of where to being, allow us to recommend Sparrow Italia, located in Mayfair, London as your event venue, and let us check that item off your list.

Sparrow Italia, Mayfair, London, is a high-end restaurant providing a welcoming and warm space for guests for various types of events, including a wide range of corporate events.

Reach out to us if you want a corporate event with a touch of intimacy and luxury, coupled with tasty Italian cuisine (with a Mediterranean twist), delicious desserts, and refreshing cocktails, wines, and spirits.

Send us an event request describing the nature of your event, timelines, number of guests, and additional information. You can book any of our spaces exclusively.

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