Indulge In an Evening of Wine with Our Serate di Vino at Sparrow Italia, Los Angeles

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Do you love the aromas and delicate flavors of great wine? What about the art of pairing wines with delicious food? Indulging in this unbeatable combination, in serene environments, creates the ultimate harmonious and luxurious dining experience. If the mere thought of this delightful situation has you tingling then you have come to the right place!

Most wine lovers visiting or residing in LA wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to frequent high-end restaurants with award-winning wine lists and executive chefs who have curated dishes that complement the wine offering perfectly.

An immersive dining experience coupled with wine tasting, discovering new wine strains, and letting yourself get lost in a specially curated menu sounds like a perfect evening for a wine lover. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you attend one of our Serate di Vino “evenings with wine” at Sparrow Italia every Wednesday.

Introduction to Sparrow Italia

Sparrow Itali, in Los Angeles, is a modern, high-end Italian restaurant at the heart of LA. The location embodies European sophistication in every aspect, from its chic atmosphere that honors the values of generations of Italian table lovers to the expansive menu featuring modern Italian cuisine.

At Sparrow Italia, we serve a fusion of Italian and Mediterranean classics with our own creative twist. Enjoy everything from handcrafted pasta to rustic pizza and wood-fired creations featuring bold, innovative flavors.

Af it this doesn’t already sound almost too good to be true, Sparrow Italia also offers an immersive dining experience. As you enjoy Italian and Mediterranean classics, we’ll transport you to the delightful cobble-lined streets of renowned Italian metropolises.

The restaurant features European-style glass doors, seductive lighting, marble and wood textures, and crushed-velvet draped arches honoring old-world Italian roots, lifestyle, and décor.

The luxurious ambiance creates the perfect environment to enjoy the best of what the wine world has to offer right at the heart of LA.

The Essence of Serate di Vino

Serate di Vino, meaning Evenings of Wine, was inspired by the wish to offer a truly exquisite fine dining and wine food pairing experience in LA. As a modern high-end Italian restaurant embodying European sophistication, our offerings couldn’t be deemed complete without a dedicated evening reserved for wine lovers or guests keen on enjoying a special date night activity.

Our evenings of wine also showcase the significance of wine in Italian culture. A glass of the finest Italian wine represents the history, landscape, cultural traditions (dating back to the Roman empire), and notable developments such as maritime trade during the Renaissance period. Not to mention the level of care and passion that goes into making the finest Italian wines. Furthermore, wine has been viewed in many cultures (including Italian culture) as a means of communicating with the Gods.

This is precisely why the consumption of wine was reserved for nobles like priests and kings, and designated for special occasions/celebrations. As a result, wine isn't just a drink in Italian culture. It is arguably one of the best ways of elevating any experience, but more so a dining experience.

Wine also has significance as a meal enhancer and a perfect bridge between courses at Italian dinner tables. Wine cleanses the palate and prepares the taste buds for the next course. As an enhancer, wine has the unique ability to boost flavors in food. When paired perfectly, it can elevate a dish to new levels, highlighting simple ingredients and blending flavors perfectly together. This is something we know all too well here at Sparrow Italia.

A Culinary Symphony

To ensure we offer the best food and wine pairing experience possible, we have a special four-course menu for our evening of wine that is exclusive to this offering.

The Serate di Vino menu is a product of meticulous crafting by Sparrow Italia’s very own executive chef, Joana Cruz. Her creativity and originality in each dish are unrivaled. Most importantly, each dish has been crafted to ensure it complements the paired wine.

The pre-set 4-course Serate di Vino menu includes a beef tartare appetizer dubbed "Apperitivi". This delicious light dish features one of the most exquisite meats in the world - wagyu beef, alongside brioche toast, and cured egg yolk snow. The dish has been accompanied by white wine - Perticaia Trebbiano Spoletino (2021), which pairs perfectly with appetizers.

The beef tartare is followed by a delicious Italian-style Octopus dish - Octopus Carpaccio. This first dish (“Primi”) is served with a tasty citrus dressing, spicy sauce, and a flavor enhancer. This dish is paired with the perfect white wine choice of the day to add freshness and finesse.

The second dish is composed of a delicious serving of Duck Confit prepared using age-old European preparation methods to make the meat tender and give it a crisp golden finish. This dish is paired perfectly with a fruity red wine choice of the day to balance out the fattiness of the duck.

For dessert, enjoy some Crème Brûlée, a creamy pudding-like custard (baked) and topped with honey and lavender glazed strawberries. We pair this with rose, preferably with fruity aromas to complement the dessert ingredients.

Our Serate di Vino menu doesn’t change. However, there are different selections of wines on offer, with each course having its own special wine pairing. If you find one of the glasses irresistible, you are free to buy an entire bottle and take it home. Buy your favorite bottles (two or more) and get a mix-and-match box set.

An Exclusive Affair

Our Evenings of Wine are exclusively on Wednesdays at Sparrow West Hollywood. Mid-week dining in Los Angeles is a luxurious affair preserved for wine lovers. It's a great time to experience what the city has to offer in regard to the finest food, wines, atmosphere, and company.

The Serate di Vino is a romantic and coveted affair. It is a perfect date night activity for wine-loving couples who wish for the perfect evening at Hotel Figueroa, one of the most romantic spots in LA.

An Invitation to Indulgence

Wine and fine-dining lovers, gather! Join us at Sparrow Italia Los Angeles for an unforgettable fine dining and wine pairing experience every Wednesday. Our executive chef has meticulously crafted delicious Italian dishes with a creative twist, and our sommeliers have carefully paired those dishes to complement our exquisite cuisine.

This mid-week special will tantalize your taste buds. Our European-inspired decor will create the perfect immersive and intimate dining experience. Keep in mind that we have limited dining spots every Wednesday to ensure each guest receives a luxurious and highly personalized experience.

Sparrow Italia’s Serate di Vino has also become a popular event in such a short time. To ensure you are part of this exclusive evening, make a reservation.

You can contact us at Sparrow Italia, Los Angeles, for general inquiries, events, and more. Call +1-213-660-3032 or visit in person - Google Maps. Address: 939 S Figueroa, St Suite 200. Los Angeles, CA: 90015.

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